8 Myths about Windows 8

Before upgrading to Windows 8 I tried out the consumer preview for a few months, and did a bit of reading on the net to find out what other people were saying about win8.
My experience with the Win8 preview was a mostly positive one. Coming from WinXP I was a bit lost at first but was very soon won over by the significant speed increase and (once I'd worked out the charms bar) the ease of navigation.
I was quite surprised by the comments I read on-line, particularly the criticisms regarding the lack of a start menu and a shut down button. In response to all the whinging going on, I've compiled the following list of 8 Windows 8 myths:

Myth 1: Windows 8 has no start menu.

Wrong - Win8 has an entire screen dedicated to the start menu, it's called the start screen you idiots. You even access the start screen in the same way as before; move your mouse to the lower left corner of the screen or hit the Win button. The main differences I can see are that the 'start button' is automatically hidden, and the start menu itself is much bigger, better, more easily customized and more aesthetically pleasing than the old one. (OK this last point is debatable - maybe more aesthetically pleasing if you're kindergarten age).

Myth 2: Windows 8 has no power button.

Wrong again - it takes a few more clicks using the charms bar, but it's still there. And ctrl-alt-del still works the same as it always did. I never turn off my PC anyway, unless I'm installing hardware, so get over it people.

Myth 3: Windows 8 makes it hard to access the desktop by showing the start screen at start up.

Wrong - what, Win-D is too hard for you?

Myth 4: Windows 8 is less user friendly than previous versions.

Wrong - I've used every version, consumer and professional, since Windows 3 came out. Compared to the ease of use of Win8, previous versions are great big piles of you know what.

Myth 5: Microsoft doesn't want you to use the Control Panel.

So wrong, so very wrong: why would they include the Control Panel if they didn't want you to use it? It's accessed by a single right click of the mouse in the lower left corner of the desktop. How hard is that?

Myth 6: Windows 8 doesn't work well without a touch screen.

Idiotic (and wrong): I can't think of any touch gestures Win8 uses that can't be done quicker and more easily with a mouse. And on a desktop PC, the majority of the time you're not going to be touching and swiping anyway, you actually going to be doing something useful (at least I do - compulsive Facebookers may differ).

Myth 7: Windows 8 is counter intuitive (i.e. it doesn't look exactly how I expect Windows to look, so I'm going to whinge and moan about it because it makes me feel slightly uncomfortable).

Wrong - well, I'm a fairly average user and former user of XP/Vista/7/Android/Linux and a bunch more OS, and I found Win8 to be a walk in the park, if a bit cheesy graphics wise. Perhaps I learn incredibly quickly, or perhaps it's not that hard to learn Win8. If you are uncomfortable with change, I suggest you go live under a rock somewhere until you get over yourself.

Myth 8: Well, I can't be bothered thinking of anymore at this point. If you want to add some more myths, complain that I've got it wrong, or insult me, feel free to comment below.