Kriesler Vintage Speakers - Restored, Refurbished, Upgraded

Bare box inside - nice.
Heavy cloth grill - very nice.
Picked up these vintage Australian made Kriesler speakers in Vinny's the other day. $20 - bargain! Started upgrading straight away. They were working OK and had nothing really wrong with them, baring a couple of dents and scratches.

However, speaker design has changed quite a bit in the last few decades. Some notable design 'features' in these Australian masterpieces are:

  • Speakers installed behind the baffle.
  • Two layers of thick fabric on the speaker grill.
  • Two wooden bars across the front of the woofer for protection.
  • No binding posts or other terminals on the rear.
  • No bracing, lining or damping material inside.
  • No crossover, except for a single capacitor on the tweeter.
  • Nice big cone tweeter instead of these puny little domes they have these days.
So anyway, I set about rectifying the situation. 

Starting the upgrade - polyester lining - polyester pad protecting the tweeter.
Internal brace added between the woofer and the tweeter tying the baffle to the back .
Rear of tweeter - note in line 'crossover'.
Cardboard tube bass reflex port - a DIY staple to this day.

More poly on the back. Caulked all inside joints and glued the
 back to the box with construction adhesive.
Magnet-box woofer - solid.

Gold plated binding posts.

Wooden bars in front of the woofer removed. Cloth grill removed. Woofer and tweeter moved to the front. All done!


Anonymous said...

Well done. I gained a set of these (for free!) a while ago and been using them as built. Did your modifications make worthwhile difference in sound quality?

John Sambell said...

Yes, the mods did make an improvement in sound quality. The mids and highs were much clearer, and the bass a bit tighter. However, the addition of damping material, while improving the overall sound quality, did reduce the apparent loudness of the speakers, which to some people may be a drawback.